Saturday, November 10, 2012 - Scarlett

Girl next door, Scarlett, has donned her favourite black satin dress for her night out... and spoiled herself by slipping on her soft sensual red satin opera gloves. Her boyfriend has other ideas once he sees her sitting on the satin sheets of their bed.. 'That outfit looks great!' he says. 'But it's missing something...' Out come coils of white rope from the bedside drawer which he lovingly ties around her legs, chest and arms. The planned evening forgotten in favour of quality bedroom bondage time on satin sheets, Scarlett surrenders to the sweet caress of the rope...
Quiet nights in are the new nights out, don't you know? 

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  1. After some discussion about Hannah's trustworthiness, he finally agrees and releases her. Hannah tells him to go on ahead, that she just needs a few minutes with Cali and Cadence before they leave.
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